You order - we plant trees

On our behalf, the organization Click A Tree plants mangrove trees and collects plastic waste from the ocean and therewith compensates greenhouse gases (CO2e) emitted from the transport and logistics of your shipments. This environmental project is our contribution to sustainable engagement and social responsibility and does not cost you as a customer a cent. Thank you for making this possible with your orders.

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Your climate neutral shipment

What does that mean in concrete terms?

For the calculation of the greenhouse effects from transport and logistics, the so-called carbon dioxide equivalence, all greenhouse gases emitted on the way from the production site to the final destination are taken into account. This starts with truck pickup from the factory, transport via inland waterways or sea routes, and continues with the truck’s onward journey to the construction site.

So how is the greenhouse effect calculated in real terms?

The average total gross weight of a pallet of our facade product “glass mosaic” is 900 kg. The sum of all emitted greenhouse gases from transport and logistics from our production site to, for example, a construction site in Frankfurt am Main, amounts to 164 kg CO2e, emitted greenhouse gases per pallet.

Source: Click A Tree, February 2022

Looking at the time table of CO2 absorption values from the environmental organization Click A Tree, it becomes clear that a single planted mangrove tree in our reforestation area on the island of Mindanao/ Philippines amortizes the CO2 footprint of a single transported pallet of material within the first 17½ years by means of absorption in an environmentally compatible manner.
“I am convinced that sustainable action and business can only develop powerfully and permanently in interaction with serious ecological commitment and social responsibility,” says our CEO Marc Gatzweiler.

All photos: Click A Tree

You can find more information about the environmental project at