We have planted 518 trees!

Together with Click A Tree, we are committed to a future worth living. Click A Tree stands for holistic sustainability in the best sense of the word and we are very happy to support this because we also believe in it.

We have been supporting a reforestation project on the island of Mindanao in the south-east of the Philippines since the beginning of 2022. On our behalf, Click A Tree plants mangrove trees and collects plastic waste from the ocean, thereby offsetting the greenhouse gases (CO2e) emitted from the transportation and logistics of our goods shipments.

To date, we have already planted 518 trees and fished 518 kg of plastic waste out of the ocean. We have thus been able to reforest an area of 647.5 m² and absorb no less than 152,810 kg of CO2.

And we will continue to support the fantastic work of Click A Tree this year, because every tree counts!!! This is our contribution to sustainable commitment and social responsibility.

More information at: Click A Tree projects